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Pink RabbitPet Sitting. The daily life of a pet sitter in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Snippets from the life of a pet sitter and dog walker as he goes about his business of cleaning out hutches, emptying cat trays and picking up dog poo.

It’s not that bleak! Those are just the chores you have to do to carry on pet sitting. The rest of it is a joy. The rest of it is just animals and you; figuring out what they want, how they’re feeling and what they’re saying.

Actually, the bleakest bit is generating the monthly invoices and reconciling the books. Give me a dog walk over all of that – and the invoicing can wait.

Don’t be a stranger..

Anyway, I hope this blog will give you some idea of the job, some of its ups and some of its downs. If you’re a budding pet sitter in need of advice, get in touch. I’d be happy to help.


Dog Walking with Neighbours

A short piece about dog walking in Newcastle.. My attention was grabbed this week by an article headline in Pet Business World News. It read: “Everybody needs good neighbours!” The article opens thus: “Pets strengthen neighbourhood ties according to a

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There’s a Mountain to Climb..

Marketing of Pet Sitting: I am now an old school pet sitter.. ..a bit of a man-out-of-time type when it comes to developments in the marketing of pet sitting services. My business, Paws Indoors arrived early into this new market

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Website is Up & Running!

Following two weeks of learning, coding and re-writing, I believe I have finally managed to drag the old (1990s) Paws Indoors Pet Sitting website into the 21st century. I have checked it and checked it and checked it and can no

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