Check here to view our pet-sitting-availability. We try to keep our pet sitting downtime to a minimum. We are always available throughout the festive season and for all bank holidays. However please do be aware that we regularly become fully booked on peak days of holiday periods.

The table below gives details of dates, divided into AM & PM when we are currently unable to take further bookings:

X = UNAVAILABLE (However, contact us, we may be able to help with alternative cover.)

08 06 2018 X(Cateran Yomp)
09 06 2018XX(Cateran Yomp)
10 06 2018XX(Cateran Yomp)
09 09 2018X(Great North Run)
30 09 2018XXWalking
13 10 2018XXCamping
14 10 2018XXCamping
19 10 2018XWalking
20 10 2108XXWaliking
21 10 2018XWaliking