Small Pet Sitting

small pet sitting Lucy and Emmett

Lucy & Emmett
On Top Deck of their Condo

“Small Pet Sitting..”

It is a woefully inadequate title for a topic which covers such a wide variety of animals.

Here is a list of small pets we most commonly look after:

  • Rabbits (house rabbits), Rabbits (hutched)
  • Guinea Pigs & Rats
  • Hamsters
  • Degus
  • Fish (cold water), Fish (Tropical)
  • Tortoise (just one, very regularly for 25 years!)
  • Gerbils
  • Chinchillas
  • Ferrets
  • Chickens
  • Terrapins

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With three dwarf-lops running wild at home, I have built up quite a network of local rabbit-world connections. So it’s fair to say that within the world of small pet sitting, this would be my personal specialism. Nevertheless, after many years in the service, we have experience of looking after all of the above. And as ever, the basic principles of pet sitting always apply.

When we discuss the care of your pets we are looking at the suitability of our service to provide for their needs. We pay attention to any areas where what we can offer differs from their normal care. In particular we assess how that will impact on their welfare during your absence.

Rabbit Sitting

One Small Step for a Rabbit

Win their Trust..

Very often small pet sitting means ‘prey animal sitting’. As such, they aren’t going to give away much about how they are feeling. It’s not in their interest to let you know how unwell they are, (a bit like many men). So, you need a keen eye. Observe their behaviours, responsiveness, their feeding and their stools.

To win the trust of a small animal is one of the most rewarding experiences of being a pet sitter. Just like so many of us, they thrive on routine, on knowing what is going to happen next. But they also enjoy a degree of excitement, some risk, providing they are within safe boundaries.

We will provide all of their feeding, water, cleaning and interaction. Because of the variety of small animals in our care, it might be best if we talk about yours over the phone or by email before we come out to meet you. Take a look at our Contact Page.

We’re also acutely aware of the various health problems, (often serious if untreated), that can arise very suddenly in small pets. We look out for them. If they arise, we will be in touch with you or your nominee at the earliest opportunity.

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Small Pet Sitting..per visit:
Per enclosure£10.10
Additional enclosure£3.50 (approx)
Travel ChargesRange £0 to £6.50

Visit our Contact Page for areas covered.

[Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day are 2x rates.]