Dog Walking ..with live-tracking

Dog walking with Cally in the hills

In our One-on-One dog walking we always go the extra mile..

THIS IS CALLY. She is a Welsh Springer and she happens to be the current face of our Paws Indoors Facebook campaign. Not every walk ends up in the Cheviots [pictured] of course. I occasionally invite her to keep me company on a Sunday tramp around the hills. Mostly however, I pick her up for our regular weekday lunchtime walk and we noodle about on the moors and in the woods and fields of beautiful Newcastle. From time to time we also do breakfast and the odd afternoon tea.

I don’t think I could introduce One-on-One dog walking any better than this:

“It is all about finding the time to spend with your dog.”

We can provide walks at most times of the day however we find that we mainly cater to owners who work and can’t get home to give their dogs that very important lunchtime break from the house. I personally invest a great deal of time in the dogs I take on. As such, I prefer long term, regular walking agreements. And whether it is myself or another walker, our goal is to become part of your dog’s extended family.

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Collaboration & Trust

Maybe your are thinking of One-on-one dog walking as being an ideal extension to your dog and puppy training classes. As your dog walker I want to know about any classes and the methods you are using to guide your dog’s behaviour. We don’t want to be communicating mixed messages. For example, I tend to walk heel to my left, but if you are to the right, then I or any dog walker should adopt your stance.

But dog walking is not a training class..

Matilda ready to go..

Dog walking, that is to say very good dog walking or just a really good dog walk is based on collaboration and trust. Your dog must feel safe with you. If something unexpected and frightening happens, you want your dog to come to you rather than run away or drag you off on the lead.

To get there, you need to have a bond of trust. That’s what I am looking for in your dog (and it is also why I prefer long term and regular walking agreements). But trust doesn’t come on a plate. You must both work together in equal measure.

Dog Walking Tess

The end of a walk with Tess

Particularly in an urban environment, your dog must be able to rely on your eyes and ears to spot a problem before it arises. And you must vigilantly monitor your dog so that you understand when he or she clocks something that you miss (or don’t have the fine senses to pick up). Then in time, just as in any relationship, you will learn to accurately guess each other’s thoughts – and act appropriately.

Good dog walking doesn’t involve chatting on the phone or reading texts. It isn’t about a tangle of leads pulling in all directions. Nor does it involve a Sergeant Major shouting at his troops on the drill square. But equally, in my view, it is not a training class. For me, a really good dog walk involves fun, exercise and the reinforcement of the strong bond of trust between me and your dog.

We may offer 24 hour cover for holiday periods, boarding in your own home, to suitable dogs. We would require a minimum of four visits per day. Contact us for a consultation, see prices.

Tractive Dog Walk

Live Track your dog’s walk

Live Tracking..

How long was my dog out for? Where did they go? What time did the walk start? (We don’t count picking up, time travelling or basic cleaning and settling down as part of your walk.) Every dog walk is digitally recorded. We use the Tractive dog walker’s app to report your dog’s walk as it happens. You do not need to download an app. At the start of the walk we will text your mobile phone with a link to where you can review the walk later when you have time or better still, choose to watch your dog being walked in real time!

Continuous Professional Development..

I (Steve), am currently studying a two year Accredited CPD Diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour with the British College of Canine Studies, (2021).

Give us a call or drop us a line through our contact page and we can arrange an informal chat and a quick walk out with your dog.

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One on One Dog Walking*..per walk/dog sit:
20 min dog sit/walk (no tracking)£10.20
40 min walk (tracked)£13.20
60 min walk (tracked)£16.00
Additional dog (same household)£3.50(approx)
Holiday Consultation (for visitor staying overnight at negotiable rates)£25.00
1-2-1 Training (1 hr session can include walk)£35.60
Travel Charges (to property and to and from walk if required)Range £0 to £6.50

Visit our Contact Page for areas covered.

(*During busy periods we may be required to pair up no more than 2 compatible dogs. Your live report will display your partnered dog.)

[Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day are 2x rates.]