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Key holding for Registered Clients

Many of our pet sitting clients keep a set of keys lodged with us. Once registered they are able to conveniently make last minute bookings of our services by phone, email or text. Once the booking has been confirmed by us they are free to leave their pet care in our hands.

Registered Clients are invoiced monthly in arrears for their pet sitting visits. (New clients and those who prefer to make booking appointments, pay their fees at the point of booking.)

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If we are your key holder you can list us as such with an advanced monitored alarm company, (ADT for example). We will respond to alerts from alarm companies and neighbours – normally free of charge, providing call outs are not excessive.

If you lose your own set of keys or lock yourself out of the house we will respond as quickly as possible to get our set of keys to you. We can do this at your home or at your place of work. Again, we will normally do this free of charge unless your call outs are considered excessive.

All keys are tagged with the Paws Indoors telephone number and your Keytag Code. We might suggest you label all of your house keys with this number and code because we occasionally receive calls to the office reporting a set of keys found in the street. Without giving away your address, we can recover the keys and get them back to you.

You can apply to join Paws Indoors Registered Key Holding Service any time after completion of your first pet sitting, dog walking or property care booking. The service is renewable every 12 months.

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Key Holding
Annual renewal£12

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