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Cat Sitting Patsy
Painted by Vermeer

Cats! – I’ve visited more cats than any other animal, well over a thousand individuals, (and over 50,000 cat sitting visits). And yet they remain a puzzle to me. You’re blessed with a living, breathing (and sometimes lethal), work of art when you live with a cat. Here, Patsy [pictured] and her sister Eddie (see: Home Page), are recent additions to our private collection of gorgeous kittens..

For the pet-sitter, cat sitting is a rollercoaster ride from one cat to the next. It’s a joy!

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As the seasons move from one to the other, so our cats vary slightly, their daily routine. Routine brings surety and security to their territory. It makes little difference to each individual cat that its territory is within the bounds of a house or house & garden or that it covers a much wider area. It’s the routine that is important and for that reason we must do our best as cat-sitters not to disrupt it.

The challenge for the cat-sitter is to figure out how best to work to the routine of your particular cat. I often find myself discussing with the owner the personality and temperament of a cat as much as any other aspect of his or her care. A highly strung but shy youngster with access to the outdoors is a very different prospect to a gregarious old, housebound Tom, for example.

When we interview each other about the best care for your cat we will look at all options and carefully address any potential problems. I expect a first meeting between an owner and myself to take at least 45 minutes, (often longer).

Cat on table

Captain’s lazy yawn

Got Milk

“..yep, but that’s for my coffee.”

A Cat Sitting Visit..

Each visit involves a quick check of the house looking at security and for any signs of sickness, soiling or even hunted prey and any damage your cat may have caused.

We’ll give your cat some play and attention and grooming, and check them over for any signs of harm, symptoms of illness or infestation. Food bowls will be cleaned up and food and water changed and litter scooped or replaced and any mess cleaned up. Any mechanical fittings – like cat flaps, food timers, cat water fountains will be checked.

If we know that someone else is also visiting the property we will carry out a full check of windows, doors and appliances as if this was our first visit. If we are handing over to a friend or family member we’ll confirm that they have taken over before signing ourselves off. We like you to confirm your return at the end of a booking.

General property care is included in the cat sitting visit. There is more information about that on our website here.

We can arrange a no-obligation meet and greet, call or drop us a line through our contact page.

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Cat Sitting..per visit:
Single Daily Visits£10.10
Twice Daily Visits£8.60
Additional pet£3.50 (approx)
Travel ChargesRange £0 to £6.50
Minimum Booking£40.00 (unless registered)

Visit our Contact Page for areas covered.

[Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day are 2x rates.]