Pet-Sitting – About Paws Indoors

Paws Indoors provides discreet and secure one-on-one dog walking, pet-sitting and property-care services in Newcastle Upon Tyne and surrounding areas.

We use unmarked vehicles so as not to alert anyone to an empty property. Your home and pet’s safety are our priorities and you can relax knowing that we are fully insured, (Cliverton: ‘Dog walking, pet sitting and pet taxi insurance cover’).

We also provide a key holding service so we can support you in the event of an emergency, even when we’re not pet-sitting for you.

A Brief History of Pet-Sitting..

Circa 1990, my partner Mary Ward and I thought we were inventing a new ‘neighbourly service’. At the time, pet-sitting services were only provided by expensive, live-in house-sitting companies. However, by the turn of the century the market for pet-sitting and dog walking had begun to grow. It seemed to appear from nowhere but probably came over with the Internet and the discovery that businesses were already well established in the U.S.A.. We can attribute the conception of pet-sitting as we know it today to Patti J. Moran, C.E.O. Pet Sit International. She established the first pet-sitting business in North Carolina in 1983. And, in 1987, she wrote the first book on the subject: Pet Sitting For Profit.

At around the same time, (maybe a little later), we were drafting our own Pet Visitors Handbooks… and running a network of pet-sitters across the North East of England.Pet-Sitting Handbooks

Mary toured the region, giving live talks, radio and TV interviews, promoting this novel idea and arguing the case against catteries and kennels. Meanwhile I was writing for (and about), the UK pet industry.

Recently we have reined in our activities but continue to provide an experienced and reliable sitting and one-on-one dog walking service in and around Newcastle Upon Tyne.

We live in Gosforth with our three lop-eared house rabbits: Max, Roxy and Skype.

© Steve O’Malley

P.S. No animal was harmed in the making of this site.. and all pictured are customers of Paws Indoors.