Christmas Cat Sitting & Other Pets

By now in any normal year, I would expect to be almost fully booked for Christmas cat sitting & pet sitting. It’s odd then, in this period of covid, to open the diary and find that my busiest day of the year is looking like a day off. That’s a first for me in 29 years of pet sitting and dog walking. Here are my thoughts in brief..


My dilemma is whether to decide now to formally close for the day and enjoy a ‘normal’ Christmas Day or wait until December 2nd and make a decision at the end of lockdown.

My question to you is: what are you going to do? Have you thrown in the Christmas towel and abandoned all plans to visit family and friends or are you, like me, waiting to see what happens next?

All pet sitters – at least those who usually provide Christmas cat sitting, (and, to be frank, those who have survived this terrible year), must be asking themselves the same questions.

I wonder if there will be a sudden rush of enquiries in early December. I wonder whether pet sitters will hike their prices as we get nearer to the holiday period and exploit a shortage of supply. (Be assured: IF I open I won’t make any changes to our usual Christmas cat sitting / pet sitting prices or policies.)

I think on balance with regard to remaining open over the Christmas period, that I am currently open to persuasion. If I receive enough enquiries over the next fortnight to make it worth my while then I will work the holiday weekend. If I don’t hear from you soon well.. woohoo, my first Christmas Holiday since 1992! Ohhh.. now I need to think about shopping. How do you buy a turkey these days? (I guess I’m already too late for that.)

Keep abreast of government covid rules here.

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