Website is Up & Running!

Pink RabbitFollowing two weeks of learning, coding and re-writing, I believe I have finally managed to drag the old (1990s) Paws Indoors Pet Sitting website into the 21st century. I have checked it and checked it and checked it and can no longer find any errors in the pages. That doesn’t mean they are not there. If you spot one, please drop me an email, I’d be enormously grateful!

I have no fixed idea yet about what I’m going to post here. Maybe some stuff from my day to day pet sitting life. I might re-run some stuff from our pet sitters manuals. Also, I used to get published for my articles for and about the UK pet industry. I quite like the idea of returning to that – but without the daily deadlines. I guess I’ll just let it develop.

I’m not sure about what is the best way to allow comments either, so for the moment at least, I am keeping them turned off. Again, let’s see how it goes.

So, short and sweet – my first post. Here’s to many more.

© Steve O’Malley

(No animals were harmed in the writing of this post.)

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