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How the Dog Became a Pet

Evolution of Man and Dog Enlightened evolutionary thinking puts behaviour as the driving force that changes the relationship of a species with its environment. What then follows is an evolutionary adaptation of anatomy to conform to this relationship. To be

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Electronic Shock Collars

I have been following the arguments and writing about electronic shock collars since the Kennel Club, KC first campaigned to ban them. This was at the turn of the century. I also remember reporting on the formation of the Electronic

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Dog Walking with Neighbours

A short piece about dog walking in Newcastle.. My attention was grabbed this week by an article headline in Pet Business World News. It read: “Everybody needs good neighbours!” The article opens thus: “Pets strengthen neighbourhood ties according to a

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There’s a Mountain to Climb..

Marketing of Pet Sitting: I am now an old school pet sitter.. ..a bit of a man-out-of-time type when it comes to developments in the marketing of pet sitting services. My business, Paws Indoors arrived early into this new market

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